The Shadow of Christ In the Book of Job

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The Shadow of Christ In the Book of Job

Author: C.J. Williams
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Publisher Summary:

The Book of Job has been a rich source of truth and comfort for its readers throughout the ages, but the crowning glory of this book is the prophetic testimony it bears to the sufferings that Jesus Christ would endure as the savior of his people. The Shadow of Christ in the Book of Job examines the historical character of Job as a typological figure, whose experience of suffering leading to glory was meant to portray the work of Christ, and provide assurance and comfort to all who bear affliction in faith.

Grace's Review

The Shadow of Christ In the Book of Job

In the Book of Job was recommended to me by my dad and a friend. I picked it mainly because I have recently been fascinated by the book of Job through conversation with several people.

This book brought a new light on the book of Job in the Bible. I was able to see passages differently and how the man Job reflects Christ. I think if you enjoy or are trying to start to reading more commentary/theology type books that aren’t too long, this could be for you.

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