The Turtle House book review

Book Review of
The Turtle House

Author: Amanda Churchill
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Lynn's Review

The Turtle House book review

The Turtle House by Amanda Churchill is a historical fiction book published in 2024.

The Turtle House is Amanda Churchill’s debut book. If her debut book is this good, I can’t wait to read what she writes in the future. 

I was not planning on reading this book, but after hearing an interview with the author on the Thoughts From A Page podcast, I knew that I wanted to. 

This is a WWII book, but WWII is not the main focus. This book is set in Japan in the 1940s and Texas in 1999. It is the story of a grandmother and granddaughter. 

The Japanese part of the story is based on the author’s grandmother’s story of growing up in Japan, marrying an American serving in Japan during the war, and leaving Japan to start a new life in Texas. 

This book is about family, tragedy, lost love, friendships, the hardships of leaving everything you know, and so much more. 

The 1999 story is about the granddaughter and her struggles with things that happened in college and her career.

I will say that I enjoyed the Japanese part of the story way more than the 1999 storyline. I enjoyed the relationship between the grandmother and granddaughter. 

This is one of those historical fiction books I enjoyed so much because it was based on the author’s family history. 


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