All Things Wise and Wonderful

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All Things Wise and Wonderful

Author: James Herriot
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Publisher Summary:

In the midst of World War II, James is training for the Royal Air Force, while going home to Yorkshire whenever possible to see his very pregnant wife, Helen. Musing on past adventures through the dales, visiting with old friends, and introducing scores of new and amusing characters―animal and human alike―Herriot enthralls with his uncanny ability to spin a most engaging and heartfelt yarn.

Millions of readers have delighted in the wonderful storytelling and everyday miracles of James Herriot in the over thirty years since his delightful animal stories were first introduced to the world.

Grace's Review

All Things Wise and Wonderful

This book in the series is not as good as the two before. Mainly because the author kept jumping from his life in Word War II and his previous life as a vet. It had plenty of interesting stories about animals and his experiences in the war. It was very interesting, but I found it to be a bit choppy.

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