The Tiffany Girls book review

Book Review of
Tiffany Girls

Author: Shelley Noble
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Lynn's Review

The Tiffany Girls book review

Tiffany Girls by Shelley Noble was published in 2023. It is historical fiction. 

I am not sure where I heard about this new release. I have never read anything by the author, but the subject of Tiffany Glass and the Tiffany Girls caught my attention. I know what Tiffany Glass is, but I know very little about the history of it. 

Set in 1899 New York, this book followers the work of Tiffany Girls. Tiffany Girls were the girls who worked for Louis Comfort Tiffany making his Tiffany Glass window, lamps, etc. 

It was hard work and took skill to do. It was an art form. 

This book follows not only their work life but their personal lives and the struggles of women in 1899. 

I enjoyed reading this because it took me to a time and place I did not know about. It does deal with some tough topics, but I still enjoyed it. 

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