Twenty One Days

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Twenty One Days

Author: Anne Perry
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Publisher Summary:

1910: Twenty-five-year-old Daniel Pitt is a junior barrister in London and eager to prove himself, independent of his renowned parents’ influence. And the new case before him will be the test. When his client, arrogant biographer Russell Graves, is found guilty of murdering his wife, Daniel is dispatched to find the real killer before Graves faces the hangman’s noose—in only twenty-one days.

Could Mrs. Graves’s violent death have anything to do with her husband’s profession? Someone in power may be framing the biographer to keep damaging secrets from coming to light. It is a theory that leads Daniel’s investigation unexpectedly to London’s Special Branch—and, disturbingly, to one of his father’s closest colleagues.

Caught between duty to the law and a fierce desire to protect his family, Daniel must call on his keen intellect—and trust his natural instincts—to find the truth in a tangle of dark deception, lest an innocent man hang for another’s heinous crime.

Lynn's Review

Twenty One Days

Anne Perry books have been on several cozy mystery book lists that I have seen, so she has been on my to read list for awhile. I finally decided to give her Daniel Pitt series a try, and I am so glad that I did.

I love to read mysteries, but I like cozy mysteries. I don’t do well with books with a lot of gory or graphic details. Twenty One Days is set in 1910 in London. It follow Daniel Pitt, a junior barrister as he solves a murder case.

I can’t wait to read more books in this series and by Anne Perry.

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