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Author: Brant Hansen
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Publisher Summary:

It turns out, giving up your “right” to be offended can be one of the most freeing, healthy, simplifying, relaxing, refreshing, stress-relieving, encouraging things you can do.

It’s a radical, provocative idea: We’re not entitled to get offended or stay angry. The idea of our own “righteous anger” is a myth. It is the number one problem in our societies today and, as Dallas Willard says, Christians have not been taught out of it.

In Unoffendable you’ll will find things of immeasurable value:

  • a concrete, practical way to live life with less stress
  • adjusting your expectations to fit human nature and
  • replacing perpetual anger with refreshing humility and gratitude.

Unoffendable seeks to lift religious burdens from our backs and allow us to experience the joy of gratitude, perhaps for the first time, every single day of their lives.

Lynn's Review

Unoffendable book cover

Unoffendable by Brant Hansen was published in 2015, but it seemed like a book that could have easily been published in 2020. It is a topic that I think we need to hear now even more than we did in 2015. We live in a time where everyone seems to be offended by almost everything.

My daughter heard about this book from someone at church. She really enjoyed it, so I decided to pick it up to read too.

This was a fairly quick read for me, and I enjoyed it. It was a great reminder that we are often offended when we really shouldn’t be. God forgives us and we should be more willing to forgive others.

The author does a good job of covering the topic. He keeps it fairly basic, and I felt like it was definitely a more modern writing style. I also wish that he would have used more examples for the Bible to back up his views, but overall I thought it was a thought provoking read.

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