West With Giraffes book review

Book Review of
West With Giraffes

Author: Lynda Rutledge
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Lynn's Review

West With Giraffes book review

West With Giraffes by Lynda Rutledge is a fiction book that was published in 2021.  

West With Giraffes was the perfect book at the perfect time for me.

While recovering from Covid for the fifth time, yes, fifth time, I did a lot of reading. A lot. This was one of the books that I picked up. 

I wanted to read because I couldn’t do much else, but I had trouble focusing on reading anything that took a lot of thought. Like nonfiction for example. This book and several of the others that I read this month were perfect for when I wanted to read but struggled to read something that took a lot of brain power. 

West With Giraffes is listed as literary or animal fiction, but if it had been up to me I would put it under the historical fiction category. Sometimes I don’t get why they categorize some books like they do. 

This book is based on the true story of two giraffes who traveled cross country during The Great Depression. These two giraffes were stranded during a hurricane on the East Coast. 

They ended up being shipped to the San Diego Zoo. As they traveled cross country they not only created quite a stir, they also changed lives. 

If you are looking for a book about The Great Depression that is totally different than any other that you have read, pick this one up. 

This would also be a great book for anyone who loves animal stories. 

This was a quick, fun, read, at just the right time. 

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