When Stone Wings Fly book

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When Stone Wings Fly

Author: Karen Barnett
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Lynn's Review

When Stone Wings Fly book

When Stone Wings Fly is written by Karen Barnett a former park ranger who now writes books set in national parks.

I have read the three books by Karen Barnett that were set in National Parks in the Western United States, but this time she based the book in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

I really enjoyed this book because I didn’t know the history of the Smoky Mountains and the government forcing people off their land in order to create the park. This is definitely a Christian romance book, but it has a great storyline mixed in with some predictable cheesy parts.

I enjoy Karen Barnett’s books when I need an easy fun clean read. I will read anything she writes and can’t wait to read her next book about National Parks because it is a fun way to learn history.

Her other National Parks books are The Road to Paradise, Where Fire Falls, and Ever Faithful.

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