Books Published In the 1970s

Have you ever wondered what books were published in the 1970s?

A few years ago I thought about reading popular books from each of the last fifty years. That challenge never happened, but I recently came across the list of books that I made for it and realized they would be fun to share with you.

Stack of books published in the 1970s

You might not want to read a book from every year or even every decade, but you can tell a lot about the culture during a time period, by what people are reading.

I am starting with books published in the 1970s.

This list is a little bit different than our normal list because it includes some books that we have read and some books that we have not read.

It is a mix of bestsellers, books that were popular, and books that caught my attention because they are so well known. It even includes a few kids’ books and cookbooks.

It is so interesting to see what books were not necessarily popular the year they were published but have gained in popularity over the years.

When I was putting this list together I was so surprised by some of the books that were published in the 1970s. I had no idea some of these titles were as old as they are.

Popular Books Published in the 1970s

84, Charing Cross Road

Books Published in 1970

The Hiding Place

Books Published in 1971

All Creatures Great and Small

Books Published in 1972

The Princess Bride Book

Books Published in 1973

All Things Bright and Beautiful

Books Published in 1974

Tuck Everlasting Book

Books Published in 1975

Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry book

Books Published in 1976

The Thorn Birds Books

Books Published in 1977

The Westing Game Book

Books Published in 1978

Love Comes Softly book

Books Published 1979

I would love to hear what book on the list surprised you by being published almost fifty years ago.

A list of books published in the 1970's

6 thoughts on “Books Published In the 1970s”

  1. I was surprised that the James Harriot books and The Hiding Place were originally published in the ‘70’s. I would have guessed earlier.
    The Westing Game Inwas recently surprised to find out was from that decade because it seemed like it was suddenly popping up on a lot of book lists again.
    Love Comes Softly completely surprised me. I thought early ‘90’s, maybe late ‘80’s. 🙂 This list was so fun. Thank you for putting it together.

    • I was surprised by the Westing Game too. I think that might be one of those books that is more popular now than when it was published. And I agree I thought the Hiding Place was published in the 1960s. I am so glad you enjoyed this list. It was fun to put together. I am looking forward to doing more of them.

  2. I love this idea of decade reading. I was surprised about the book “Walk Across America” by Peter Jenkins. I read this book during that time frame. I loved it. It was a book that stuck with me. My goodness how the years pass. Thank you for putting together this list. It is so appreciated.

    • I have had Walk Across on my tbr for years and still have not read it. I need to finally pick it up. I knew it was an older book but had no idea it was written back in the 70s until I put together the list. And I am glad that you enjoyed the list. It was fun to put together.

  3. Unrelated to your post :), but have you read Nourished by Lia Huber? I just read it. If you haven’t, I think you might enjoy it.

    I was surprised the James Herriot books were published in the 70s!


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