Favorite Things

Favorite Things Flower

I am really enjoying all the free time I have had for reading so far this summer. Of course, I feel like I have been picking up more fiction books than nonfiction…oh well.

The only thing I’m not liking about this summer is that it is already hot, so I am posting this picture to remind myself of the short spring that we had but unfortunately didn’t last long.

What have you been reading so far this summer? ~Grace

Favorite Things Lonesome Dove

I am thinking about reading some of Larry McMurtry’s books. I was wonder whether I should start with Lonesome Dove or one of his other books. Any advice? ~Grace

Favorite Things C.S. Lewis

Sunday reading. My kids gave me this book for Mother’s Day and I really enjoyed it. ~Lynn

Favorite Things British Lit

I am starting my eight week British Literature summer class on Monday. I am partially excited and partially unsure about it. I will have to keep you guys updated on what I’m reading for it. Has anyone else taken British Literature? If so what did you think of it? ~Grace

Favorite Things Destined To Witness

My current read, which I am finding interesting, is about an African-German boy who grew up in Nazi Germany. It is a view of World War II that I have not read before, which is probably why I am enjoying it. ~Grace

I would love to hear what your favorite books are right now? Do you have a new favorite book?

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