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It is time to share another favorite podcast with you! Today’s favorite podcast is all about books and reading. Have you heard of He Read She Read? 

He Read She Read Podcast

I have had this post ready in draft for several weeks, but hadn’t published it yet. I was able to meet Chelsey and Curtis, the hosts of He Read She Read, when I attended Anne Bogels book event at Magic City Books. The event was great and meeting Chelsey and Curtis was a nice surprise. They were just like they are on the podcast and Curtis even recommended a book, which I ended up buying. After meeting them, I knew it was time to finally hit publish on this post.

Not only do I love reading, I love to learn new things. Podcasts helps me do that. I like listening to audio books, but I find myself listening to podcasts even more.

An audio book is a big commitment time wise, but podcasts are usual short. I can easily listen to a whole podcast episode while exercising or cleaning house. 

Some of my favorite podcasts involve books and reading. That is probably not a big surprise.

One of the podcasts that I have been enjoying recently is He Read She Read. It is a podcast about reading hosted by a husband and wife.

I really enjoy the podcast in general and the interactions and conversations of Chelsey and Curtis. But one of the things I love the most about the podcast is hearing what the husband is reading. He loves nonfiction and history and has great book recommendations. 

He Read She Read Podcast

We love books and we love reading, but the majority of what we read are non-fiction or older books. So I love hearing the book reviews from Curtis of He Read She Read. He has great book recommendations that are similar to what our family reads. 

The books I got my husband for Christmas and birthday were from He Read She Read recommendations. 

Many books can be read and enjoyed by either men or women, but the reality is that many modern day books, especially fiction, are geared and marketed for women. I decided that I am probably not the only one wanting more book recommendations geared toward men. Or at least more recommendations from a history and science point of view that men would enjoy. 

Chelsey always has some great book recommendations and overall tips for your reading life too. She reads more fiction, which is another reason that I love He Read She Read. It always includes a wide range of books, both fiction and nonfiction. 

If you love nonfiction books and books in general as much as we do, or need some book recommendations for guys, be sure to check out He Read She Read

Do you have a favorite podcasts? We love finding new podcasts so leave a comment letting us know what your favorite podcast is to listen to. 

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