Jungle Pilot : The Story of Nate Saint (Sunday Reading)

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Sunday Reading is a new feature that we are doing for 2020. We hope that it is a feature that you enjoy!

It is no secret that our family loves to read. We read all kinds of books including Christian biographies and theological type books. We shared a little bit about this when we shared about reading outside the box

Grace does not read your typical college girl type of books, and I don’t read a lot of modern fiction like many people I know do. We read mainly nonfiction, and we love to encourage others to read nonfiction.

We often share the nonfiction history books that we read, but we want to also share some of the other books we read including some of the Christian books and biographies. Books by authors like C.S Lewis, Bonhoeffer, Martin Luther, and more. 

In the past, we have not shared a lot of Christian, theology, or political type books because we didn’t want to deal with the nasty comments that those type of books tend to get, but since they are a big part of what we read, Grace and I decided to start sharing some of them on Sundays. 

You don’t have to agree with everything you read. The goal with reading is to help you grow, learn, and think. We know not everyone has a desire to read books like Christian biographies or books by C.S. Lewis, Bonhoeffer, or Martin Luther, but we are hoping you don’t mind a few books like that added to the mix of books we already share. 

We also hope that it will inspire you to add a few Christian books or biographies to your 2020 reading. 

We will always put Sunday reading in the title of the post, so if you don’t want to see what Christian books we are reading, feel free to skip it. For those of you that love Christian books as much as we do, we hope that you find a few books to add to your reading pile. 

For this week’s Sunday Reading we are featuring one of our family’s favorite Christian biographies. 

I have been reading Christian biographies since I was a teenager. Some of my all time favorite books are biographies. I have always found it encouraging to read about the lives and struggles of others. We can learn so much from learning how others deal with the trials of this life. 

Jungle Pilot

Jungle Pilot: The Story of Nate Saint

Jungle Pilot: The Story of Nate Saint Martyred Missionary to Equador is one of the best missionary biographies that I have read.

Years ago, when I was a teenager, I read quite a few books on Jim and Elisabeth Elliot. I read and loved Shadow of the Almighty, Through the Gates of Splendor, and several other books about their lives. But I didn’t read much about Nate Saint until more recently.

Nate Saint was a missionary pilot, who with his four friends, including Jim Elliot, was killed in Ecuador by the Auca tribe and became a martyr. This story happened over sixty years ago, but it is an adventure missionary story that grips the reader even today.

This is a story of abandoning your life for the work of Christ. It is an inspirational story that you won’t forget. If you have read about Jim and Elisabeth Elliot, but do not know a lot about Nate Saint I highly recommend Jungle Pilot

This book is also a great book for teens to read. I had all three of my kids read it during high school and it ended up being one of their favorite Christian biographies that they read during high school. 

4 thoughts on “Jungle Pilot : The Story of Nate Saint (Sunday Reading)”

  1. Although not a genre I have read, I will definitely read these posts and see if any of the descriptions resonate with me! I find it sad that anyone would negatively comment. Reading is so individual- tastes vary so widely and we should all be able to respect each other’s choices. Thank you for sharing this part of your reading life!

    • I am glad that you are looking forward to our Sunday reading posts. I agree, reading is so individual, it shouldn’t get nasty. But sometimes people do get nasty or very negative about certain books, especially on the online or social media world. Overall our readers are great though and we are looking forward to sharing books like this on Sundays.

  2. I am looking forward to your Sunday reading suggestions! Your first one is a great read that was one if my favorite reads for 2019.

    • I am so glad that you are looking forward to our Sunday Reading series. We have had a great response from readers and are excited about it. I am glad you enjoyed this book. It is one of the Christian biographies that we recommend all the time. Have a great day!


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