Once Upon A Time Books

Once Upon A Time Books in Arkansas is a unique, fun, used bookstore in Tontitown Arkansas. If you love used and vintage books this bookstore is a must visit.

Once Upon A Time Bookstore

My daughter first heard about Once Upon A Time Bookstore from a friend. On our way home from a weekend trip to Missouri, we passed through Tontitown Arkansas and knew that we had to make a stop at Once Upon A Time Books.

We were not sure what to expect, but we loved this unique used bookstore.

Once Upon A Time Books

When you walk in the door you are instantly greeted with a colorful wall full of books.

I do not normally a fan of books organized by color, but here it works. It makes for a great first impression when you walk in the bookstore..

Wall of Books

Unique Vintage Books

Once Upon A Time Books has all kinds of books, but their specialty is older books. They have unique and unusual books that you do not normally find. Not really rare books, but books that you do not see every day.

Rows of books

Nonfiction Books

They had a large area full of nonfiction books that were very well organized. The individual sections were not large, but everything was easy to find because everything was so well labeled.

Once Upon A Time Bookstore books

Their history section was fun to look through because they had so many books that we had never heard of. We all walked away with at least one book from the nonfiction history section.

Once Upon A Time kids books

They also had a large children’s section that included everything from parenting books to all kinds of kids books. The middle grade and young adult sections were also well-stocked.

Stack of nonfiction books and plant

Our Book Finds

I ended up buying three interesting nonfiction books. One of them I had heard of, but the other two were ones that I had never heard of. All three of them look like good reads.

Stack of fiction books

I also bought three fiction books. All three are from authors that I have heard of, but never read.

I had some great finds, but the rest of my family had some unique finds. My husband bought an old medical book that will look really nice displayed on a bookshelf.

My oldest daughter and Grace had the best finds though. My oldest daughter found a few nonfiction books and a very interesting vintage army medical book that we will all love looking through.

Grace probably had the best finds though.

Vintage Book

Old Books and Fun Finds

She found Jackie Jingles, a military poetry book first published in 1932.


She found a WWII book that she was quite excited about.

Writing Book

Where and How To Sell Manuscripts is a fascinating look at writing and publishing in 1919. The information is not very useful for trying to get a book published today, but if you like the history of writing like Grace does, this is a fun book.

Once Upon a Time Rare Books

Grace not only loves reading, but she also loves writing, history, and old movies. She was so excited to find these five books about plays that were written between 1939 and 1945.

They combine her love of writing and history and also give an interesting look at culture right before and during WWII.

Once Upon A Time

If you only love shiny new books Once Upon a Time Books might not be the bookstore for you, but if you love unique and interesting old books, Once Upon A Time Bookstore is a fun stop if you are ever in the Fayetteville Arkansas area.

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