What I Read in August and September

What I Read August and September

It has been way too long since I shared what I have been reading!

My reading life suffered during the early part of the summer. Life got crazy and reading was set aside. August and September were much better reading months for me. Although I will admit that it is mainly because I read a lot of fiction and it was mainly mindless easy to read fiction. I am hoping fall will allow me more time for reading.

So far I have read 65 books this year. If the next couple of months are good reading months, I might just make my goal of 100 books in 2017. You can read a complete list of books that I have read in 2017 here.

Over the last few months I read a few more books in the Mitford series. The more I read of this series the more I really feel like it is and Anne of Green Gables for adults type of series. I love reading them when I need some fun easy reading.

The Francine Matthew’s books were a new to me series. I liked them but have mixed thoughts on them. They are a good murder mystery type book. I really enjoyed the first two. The writing was great and so was the plot. I could have done without some of the sexual stuff that seems to get more graphic the later in the series you get. I actually told my seventeen year old to skip reading them for now. Which is too bad because the writing overall is good. Yes, that might make me old fashioned, but I feel like so many modern books put that in there just to sell the books. The story would still be good, without it.

The Mary Connealy books are mindless romance type books. They are clean and easy to read. These are the type of books I often read as a teen. When I am stressed and need to escape into a book I find myself turning to books like this. Am I the only one that does that?

Here is my list from August and September.





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