The Characters of Christmas ( Sunday Reading)

The Characters of Christmas Book

As soon as I finished The Characters of Christmas last month, I knew that it would make the perfect book for a Sunday Reading post in December. 

The Characters of Christmas is a walk through the Christmas story. It encourages you slow down and look at the Christmas story in a little different way. You probably hear this story at least once a year. It is a story you probably know a lot about, but it is good to occasionally step back and take a deeper look. 

This book helps you use your imagination. To go back in time and put yourself in the shoes of those that lived when Christ was born.

Jesus is the star of Christmas, but there were many other characters that God used to make the birth of Christ a reality. Mary, Joseph, and so many others played a role in giving us the greatest gift of all time. 

The Characters of Christmas Book Inside

The Characters of Christmas not only shares about the people, but the culture of the place where Christ was born and the time in history that it took place.

Did you know that the manger was probably nothing like the manager we see in so many nativity scenes? And what about the inn? Was it anything like what we think of as an inn? 

Have you ever thought about what Joseph sacrificed to marry Mary? 

The Characters of Christmas challenges you to think about Christmas in a broader way. It encourages you to look at the whole picture and those God used in big ways. They were all part of His plan.

The Characters of Christmas

The Characters of Christmas would make an excellent read for December. It would also make a good family read for the month of December. I think there would be some great conversation about the birth of Christ, people in the Bible, and the culture and history of the time. 

It would also make a great gift for anyone who loves reading Christian books or books about Christmas. 

Have you heard of this book before? 

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  1. Yes, please bring the Sunday reading back. I’ve missed it. I’ve followed your recommendations many times. I am always looking for a good inspirational books. Thanks much. I enjoy all of your posts.

    • I am so glad that you enjoy our Sunday reading posts. You are not the only reader that has missed it, so we will be bringing it back for at least a monthly post in 2022!


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