Trying Out Book of the Month

Book of the Month

Have you heard of Book of the Month? After hearing quite a bit about it Grace and I decided to give it a try. (That is an affiliate link and this post contains affiliate links, but this is not a sponsored post. We happily paid for our monthly fee.)

Subscriptions boxes are all the rage right now. Food, clothes, fitness items, and more can be delivered to your door monthly or just several times a year. There are all kinds of options for just about anything you could want delivered on a regular basis.

Most of them are of no interest to me or my family. They just aren’t things that we want or use. The one exception though is book subscriptions. There are several monthly book subscription services that have tempted me for months. Because really who doesn’t want books delivered to their door every month, we all need more books right!

After looking into several of the book subscriptions, I decided to give Book of the Month a try. It just seemed like the best fit for us right now.

I love that they handpick five books each month, and you get to choose the one you want sent to you. They narrow down the books, but you make the final choice of what book you get.

I also love that I can skip a month if none of the books appeal to me.

But my favorite feature might just be this next one.

Book of the Month Club

Book of the Month allows you to sometimes get books that are not even released yet!

The book I choose for our October Book of the Month was by one of Grace’s favorite nonfiction writers. She loves Nathaniel Philbrick and was excited to read In the Hurricane’s Eye. When I saw that it was a Book of the Month pick, I knew exactly what book we were getting this month.

The Hurricane’s Eye is about George Washington and the epic battle that won the Revolutionary War.

Our Book of the Month box arrived earlier this week, which means we got our book a full week before it is released and available to everyone else. This is a great feature for books you can’t wait to get.

Not all the books are books that are not released yet, but some are, which is a feature we love.

Book of the Month Club Book

Did I mention that the books are hardcover books? Yes, they are which makes this an even better deal. Hardcover books are not cheap.

This is only our second month getting Book of the Month, but so far we are enjoying it. The one thing I am not sure about is that the books are mainly fiction and novels. I can see from previous months that they do include nonfiction books, but it is usually only one of the five choices each month. Last month none of the books were nonfiction.

It is no secret that we love nonfiction. In fact, we read mainly nonfiction. We enjoy fiction and novels, but we aren’t ones that have to have the latest hot release fiction books. Many times the newest popular books are’t ones that we would read.

We figure though that between the whole family we will be able to find one book each month that at least one of us will want to read, and if not, we will just use the skip a month feature. Which is one of the features that convinced me to try Book of the Month. I am not out any money if I don’t like the picks one month. I can just skip it until the next month.

One of the other features that I love is that you can add on a second book for just $9.99. That is a great price for a new release book. So if there are two books that you want you can choose one for your monthly book and add on another one for $9.99

They have several plans available so it is easy to just give it a try for a short time.

We will keep you updated on what we think, and what books we choose each month.

Have you given Book of the Month a try? I would love to hear your thoughts. Did you think it was worth it? Did you find books that you love? 



6 thoughts on “Trying Out Book of the Month”

  1. Ok, I’m trying it because of your review and that book! 🙂 The hold list at the library was SO long for it, and I have two teen boys VERY interested in Early American history, I’m hoping it’ll be something they can read and get them out of their reading rut and something new for me. And I love getting mail, how fun to get a Hardback book in the mail!!! 🙂 We’ll see how it goes, I love that I can stop at any time. 🙂

    • I hope you enjoy it! It is only our second month, but this month made it worth it for sure. I love that you can skip a month if none of the books are ones you want and your book credit goes to the next month too.

  2. My first thought when I saw the book picture was “that hasn’t released yet!” I work for our local library system and just unpacked it today for processing. Lucky you to get it early!


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