Backlist Books Five

It is Friday! That means it is time to share more backlist books.

We love to bring attention to backlist books you may have forgotten.

The books we are featuring this week are both WWII books. One is nonfiction, and one is fiction. Both are excellent reads.

The Book of Lost Names

The Book of Lost Names by Kristen Harmel

The Book of Lost Names was published in 2020. It is the first book by Kristen Harmel that I read. I instantly loved it.

In 1942, Eva is forced to flee Paris. She finds refuge in a small mountain town located in the Free Zone. She begins helping children trying to flee the war, but there is a cost to helping them.

The Book of Lost Names is a WWII historical fiction book, but it is about so much more than just the war.

It is a book about books. It is also a book about courage and friendship. It is about decisions and how they can impact our lives forever.

If you love historical fiction and have not read anything by Kristen Harmel, I highly recommend you pick up The Book of Lost Names or one of her other books.

The Year of Peril Book

The Year of Peril by Tracy Campbell

I read The Year of Peril in 2020, shortly after it was released. I loved this book and do not think it got the attention it deserved.

It follows America in 1942. It starts with Pearl Harbor in 1941 and continues throughout 1942, each chapter being a month of the year.

We often think of WWII as a time when America came together. In many ways, it did, but in many ways, it was also very divided.

In 1942, there were shortages and stockpiling. It was the year that Daylight Savings was signed into law. Many Americans did not support the war and were very vocal anti war.

If you love nonfiction books that are a little bit different, The Year of Peril: American In 1942 is a great read. It will show you a side of America during that war that you do not often read about. It will also remind you that although many things have changed, many things have not.

Have you read either of these books?

4 thoughts on “Backlist Books Five”

  1. Thank you, Lynn, for the reminder about these books. They were hidden in my lists. I’m moving them up. There are so many good WW2 books to read!

  2. Read Book of Names and it was such an interesting & worthwhile read. Liked better than her Paris Daughter book. I’m always amazed to learn something about the complexity of the war 2 and all the ways people’s lives were affected.
    Looking forward to reading The year of peril.
    Thank you so much for this website🥰

    • I hope that you enjoy The Year of Peril. I am so glad that you have enjoyed our book recommendations. Thank you so much for reading with us!


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