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Capital Gaines

Author: Chip Gaines
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Publisher Summary:

The funny and talented Chip Gaines is well known to millions of people as a TV star, renovation expert, bestselling author, husband to Joanna, and father of five in Waco, Texas. But long before the world took notice, Chip was a serial entrepreneur who was always ready for the next challenge, even if it didn’t quite work out as planned. Whether it was buying a neighborhood laundromat or talking a bank into a loan for some equipment to start a lawn-mowing service, Chip always knew that the most important thing was to take that first step.

Now a #1 New York Times bestselling book, Capital Gaines offers readers a ringside seat as Chip relives some of his craziest antics and the lessons learned along the way. His mentors taught him to never give up and his family showed him what it meant to always have a positive attitude despite your circumstances. Throw in a natural daredevil personality and a willingness to do (or eat!) just about anything, and you have the life and daily activity of Chip Gaines.

Capital Gaines is the perfect book for anyone looking to succeed not only in business but more importantly in life.

Lynn's Review

Capital Gaines by Chip Gaines

Several people in my family have read or listened to the audio version of Capital Gaines by Chip Gaines and really enjoyed it. My daughters and I all loved The Magnolia Story book. We actually are not huge Fixer Upper fans. We like it, but it has never been a must watch at our house. However, we find Chip and Joanna’s story fascinating. It is a pretty amazing story how they built their business and brand. Because we loved that books so much I knew I wanted to read the book Capital Gaines by Chip Gaines. 

When I saw that the audiobook was read by Chip Gaines I knew I had to listen to it on audio instead of reading it. It was a great decision. The audiobook was great. Because Chip read it, it made it personal. It added excitement to it to hear his voice telling the story and for his excitement to change as good and bad things happened.

I loved when Chip was talking about being different from other kids when he was growing up. It is okay to be different and I love his attitude and thoughts on it. I also love how he talks about failure as good. Failures are good because we learn from them. It is good to try new things. Some will work and some won’t but we will always learn from them.

My daughters enjoyed reading this book, so no matter if you read it or listen to the audio I think you if you enjoy business type books and memoirs you will enjoy this on

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