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Coming Home

Author: Rosamunde Pilcher
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Lynn's Review

Coming Home book

Coming Home by Rosamunde Pilcher has been on my to be read stack ever since I read Winter Solstice last winter.

Coming Home was published in 1988. Rosamunde Pilcher books like Winter Solstice and Shell Seekers are classic books that many have enjoyed for years.

I love her writing so much that I have a goal to read all her books. It is hard for me to describe Coming Home. It is a quiet read, yet it isn’t a quiet read. It is about life, family, heartache, war, and so much more.

Set in England Coming Home follows a group of people as they live life before, during, and after WWII. I can see why this book has held the test of time. Rosamunde Pilcher is an example of an author that I think has gotten lost in all the new shiny books. If you have not read her books give one a try.

I would consider her Coming Home book PG-13 because of the topics it covers.

This book was a slow comfort read for me. It was not a fast read, but it was an enjoyable one.

Rosamunde Pilcher doesn’t shy away from tough topics, but she writes those topics in such a real way.

This book covers real-life issues. Marriage, divorce, death, heartache, war, and abuse. But it also covers the joy that family and friends bring you. It covers the surprises in life and how small things can make a difference in big ways in someone’s life.

I can’t wait to read more Rosamund Pilcher books.

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