Ember Falls

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Ember Falls

Author: S. D. Smith
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Publisher Summary:

The stage is set. It’s war. Morbin Blackhawk, slaver and tyrant, threatens to destroy the rabbit resistance forever. Heather and Picket are two young rabbits improbably thrust into pivotal roles.

The fragile alliance forged around the young heir seems certain to fail. Can Heather and Picket help rescue the cause from a certain, sudden defeat?

My Place Beside You

My Blood For Yours

Till The Green… Ember Falls

Grace's Review

Ember Falls

The second book in the Green Ember series may be more exciting then the first book. This tale continues the story of Heather and Picket as they fight against villains to save the future rulers of the kingdom. A lot of momentous events propel this story forward and will leave a kid waiting for more excitement. This is a good read for kids who love animal stories that have fighting and difficulties.

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