A Family Shaped By Grace

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A Family Shaped by Grace

Author: Gary Morland
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Publisher Summary:

As a teenager, Gary Morland lived in an unhappy, dysfunctional family characterized by addiction and disharmony. When he started a family of his own, he brought with him those same destructive patterns. Yet he sensed there must be a way to have a family shaped by acceptance and grace, a family that was loving, whole, and at peace with one another. The problem was, he didn’t know how.

In this life-giving book, Morland shares his journey of discovering the timeless tools of family peace that transformed him and his family. He shows how these tools broke the unhealthy patterns of the family he grew up in and saved his relationship with his wife and two daughters. With refreshing honesty and humility, he helps readers believe that they too can start from where they are right now–no matter how broken–to transform their family culture and their family legacy and to generously offer grace to the people who matter most in their lives.

Lynn's Review

A Family Shaped By Grace

Most families like to pretend that they have it all together. They want people to think they are normal and don’t have any issues. The reality though is that dysfunctional is normal. Almost everyone comes from dysfunction of some sort because we are all humans with human parents and human kids. We all have a sinful nature. We either came from a messed up family, we are messed up, or we have messed up kids. Sometimes all three. Which is why I enjoyed this book. The author keeps it real. He came from a messed up family. He was an alcoholic that messed up his own life and family. But in this book he shares how by God and God’s grace changed his family and he makes suggestions for changing yours. Well worth reading.

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