Five Little Pigs

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Five Little Pigs

Author: Agatha Christie
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Publisher Summary:

Beautiful Caroline Crale was convicted of poisoning her husband, but just like the nursery rhyme, there were five other “little pigs” who could have done it: Philip Blake (the stockbroker), who went to market; Meredith Blake (the amateur herbalist), who stayed at home; Elsa Greer (the three-time divorcée), who had her roast beef; Cecilia Williams (the devoted governess), who had none; and Angela Warren (the disfigured sister), who cried all the way home.

Sixteen years later, Caroline’s daughter is determined to prove her mother’s innocence, and Poirot just can’t get that nursery rhyme out of his mind.

Grace's Review

Five Little Pigs

I occasionally enjoy reading some Agatha Christie and over Christmas I have felt like it. I thought this was a very different kind of a mystery story because the murder happened sixteen years ago and a woman had already been convicted of the crime. I really like the character Hercule Poirot because he is so different and somewhat funny to me. I think this is one of the better Agatha Christie books that I have read.

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