In Pursuit of the Common Good

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In Pursuit of the Common Good

Author: Paul Newman
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Publisher Summary:

It was 1982 when Paul Newman and A. E. Hotchner made their foray into local gourmet shops with bottles of their homemade salad dressing. The venture was intended to be a lark, a way to poke fun at the traditional way the market operates. Hurdling obstacle after obstacle, they created the first company to mass-market all-natural products, eliminating the chemicals, gums, and preservatives that existed in food at the time. This picaresque saga is the inspiring story of how the two friends parlayed the joke into a multimillion-dollar company that gives all its profits to the less fortunate without spending money on galas, mailings, and other expensive outreaches. It also serves as a textbook for foundations and charitable organizations looking to do the most good they can with what they have.

Told in alternating voices, Newman and Hotchner have written a zany tale that is a business model for entrepreneurs, an inspirational book, and just plain delightful reading.

Lynn's Review

In Pursuit of the Common Good

In Pursuit of the Common Good by Paul Newman combines food, business, and Hollywood. Most people are familiar with the food company Newman’s Own, but do you know the whole story behind it? This book shares the story of how Newman’s Own came to be, why it has the mission it does, and how Paul Newman made it all work. It is a good read for anyone interested in business or food. It is also great for people that love a look into the real life of Hollywood actors.

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