Murder In Georgetown by Margaret Truman

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Murder In Georgetown

Author: Margaret Truman
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Publisher Summary:

When the corpse of a young woman is found floating down Washington’s C&O Canal, everyone is shocked to learn the victim is none other than Valerie Frolich—a senator’s daughter, Georgetown graduate, and a rising star in the cutthroat world of investigative journalism.

Washington Post reporter Joe Potamos is good at unearthing the skeletons in the nation’s capital, so when he’s assigned the Frolich story, he immediately senses this case is rife with secrets. As he digs further to uncover the truth about Valerie’s death, it soon becomes apparent someone wanted the young, beautiful reporter dead.

And when Joe’s search uncovers an evil labyrinth of intrigue involving murder, bribery, kidnapping, and even international espionage, he’ll have to race to find Valerie’s killer—before his own life is snuffed out.

Lynn's Review

Murder In Georgetown by Margaret Truman

I had no idea until recently that Margret Truman, daughter of President Harry Truman, had authored quite a few well known books, including a series of mystery stories. When I discovered she had written some bestsellers, I knew I wanted to read one.

I bought Murder In Georgetown by Margret Truman on ebook to read on vacation. It was a great vacation read. The writing was fairly well done. In fact, it surprised me that the writing was so well down. I thought maybe the popularity was due in part to her name, but it is actually a well written researched mystery. The mystery revolves around politics, journalism, and life in Washington D.C. All are subjects the author would have been familiar with as the daughter of a U.S President.

With that being said, I am not sure I will read more of her mystery books. It was good, and I enjoyed it because of who the author was, but in general it is not the normal type of mystery book that I enjoy. If you love mysteries, especially ones that involve politics, I think you will enjoy this.

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