Save What's Left Book review

Book Review of
Save What’s Left

Author: Elizabeth Castellano
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Save What's Left Book review

Save What’s Left by Elizabeth Castellano is a fiction book that was published in 2023. 

Kathleen’s husband Tom tells her that after thirty years of marriage, he is not happy with his life and he is leaving her. Kathleen decides to change her life as well. She sells everything and buys a house in a small beach town. Her goal is to live a quiet, happy life at the beach, but her new life is not what she expected. 

I got this book for my July Shelf Subscription from The Bookshelf in Thomasville. Normally I love the books that I get each month, but this one was not for me. I can see why they chose it for a summer book, but it was too quirky and odd for me. 

It was unrealistic in many ways. I can see some of the things happening in a small beach town, but other things were just too unrealistic and odd. 

Honestly, I wish I had not finished this book. It was a quick read, but I still felt it was a waste of my time. That is not to say that others won’t enjoy it. I think this is a case of the book just not being the book for me. 


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