The Christmas Promise

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The Christmas Promise

Author: Richard Paul Evans
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Lynn's Review

The Christmas Promise

The Christmas Promise by Richard Paul Evans, who has been called the Christmas king.

I usually read a couple of Christmas books every year. I have enjoyed Richard Paul Evans in the past and decided to read a couple of his books this year. This was his 2021 Christmas book.

It is the story of two identical twin sisters, who have totally different personalities. It is about grief, family, love, and forgiveness. And it was not my favorite Richard Paul Evans book.

It was fine, and I think many would love it. It is your typical sappy sweet Hallmark style Christmas book. The main reason that I didn’t enjoy it all that much was I knew pretty much how it would end when I was less than halfway through it. And it ended exactly like I thought it would. It was a bit too predictable for me.

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