The Shell Seekers book with the ocean in the background

Book Review of
The Shell Seekers

Author: Rosamunde Pilcher
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Lynn's Review

The Shell Seekers book with the ocean in the background

The Shell Seekers by Rosamunde Pilcher was published in 1987, so it is a backlist historical fiction book. 

Thirty five years later and this is still a book that people read and love. So many books don’t hold the test of time, but this one does. 

The Shell Seekers has been in my to be read stack ever since I read Winter Solstice a few years ago. A recent three days at the Oregon Coast seemed like the perfect time to pick it up. 

 If you have read other Rosamende Pilcher books you will probably recognize a few of the people and places in The Shell Seekers. You don’t have to read her other books, but it is kind of fun to connect them all if you read all the books.  

This book follows Penelope, her three kids, and several friends and other family members throughout the years. It goes back and forth between the modern day, which would have been the 1980s, and Penelope’s childhood in England and her early adult years which were during WWII.

This book is what I would call a comfort read. It is not a riveting fast paced read, it is more of a slow beautifully written read. 


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