Thunder In the Mountains

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Thunder In the Mountains

Author: Daniel J Sharfstein
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Publisher Summary:

After the Civil War and Reconstruction, a new struggle raged in the Northern Rockies. In the summer of 1877, General Oliver Otis Howard, a champion of African American civil rights, ruthlessly pursued hundreds of Nez Perce families who resisted moving onto a reservation. Standing in his way was Chief Joseph, a young leader who never stopped advocating for Native American sovereignty and equal rights. Thunder in the Mountains is the spellbinding story of two legendary figures and their epic clash of ideas about the meaning of freedom and the role of government in American life. 8 pages of illustrations

Grace's Review

Thunder In the Mountains

My mom bought me Thunder in the Mountains at Costco. I had read multiple books aboutNative Americans, and she thought I would enjoy this book. I did. I knew some about the Nez Perce, but this book when way more in depth than I had ever read. It shows fault on both sides, and does bring out things that surprised me.

If you enjoy Native American history, you might enjoy this. Just know it is full of facts, which one can say makes it dry. But I have been known to enjoy books that are full of facts, and this was no different even though it did take me longer to read than a normal book.

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