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True Grit

We love classic T.V. shows and movies. They are some of our favorites. Those old black and white shows and the old movies that many of our parents and grandparents grew up watching are classics. 

Grace is the classic T.V. and movie expert at our house. She loves them. As a kid and teenager, she had several surgeries. During her recoveries, she discovered both her love for old T.V. shows and her love of western books. 

Many of the old shows and movies are actually based on books, so Grace decided a few of them would be perfect for our book vs movie series. Today she is sharing her love of True Grit

True Grit

I have always enjoyed both reading and watching westerns. I watched the movie True Grit a few years ago and enjoyed it quite a bit, but I did not realize at first that there was a True Grit book.

I found the book at a used bookstore, and since I loved the movie, I had to buy the book.

As usual the book and movie are slightly different. Some of the events are not quite the same in the book vs movie, but overall they did a great job adapting this book to a movie. 

One thing that drove me nuts is that in the book snow and winter is mention, but in the movie there is warmer weather for the most part. 

Another thing that was different is that in the movie is that mountains and other such views can be seen, but in the book mountains are not really mentioned like in the movies.

Also the movie over dramatizes many scenes to keep the viewer watching. I understand why they did this, but sometimes I feel like the book is slightly more realistic than the movie. 

A few of the characters are different too, but that didn’t annoy me to much because most of them were almost the exact same or at least very similar. 

Since I had watched the movie, I could kind of see what the people looked like and not the other way around. When I was reading the book, the versions of the characters from the movie came to my mind. 

Overall, if you like western, you will enjoy both versions. It is a good book to movie adaption.

If you have read the book, but not seen the movie, I highly recommend you watch it. And if you have seen the movie, but had no idea that there was a book, I think you will enjoy the book as well.

They both keep the same plot line and are very similar compared to many book to movie adaptations. Both are worth the time to watch and read. 

Have you read the book or watched the movie? I would love to hear what you thought of them. 

True Grit Book vs Movie


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