Five Non-Fiction Books Perfect for Summer

5 Non-Fiction Books for Summer

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Grace and I were recently discussing the summer reading lists that we have seen so far. We have been a little disappointed in the lists. The vast majority of the books on those lists have been fiction. Many of the books are brand new books that are more fun, romance type books. There have been very few non-fiction, real life story, books and almost no older books that were released some time ago.

Don’t get me wrong, we love to read read fiction books, but we also love reading non-fiction too. In fact, our whole family tends to read far more non-fiction than fiction. Yes, this might make us a little different than your average reader, but that is okay with us. We also love older books, that many people have forgotten about.

This means that we would love to see more summer book lists with non-fiction books on them.

Since we like to read a mix of fiction and non-fiction books during the summer, and many lists have the fiction books covered, we thought we would share five non-fiction reads that would be great added to your summer reading list.

The Magnolia Story-I bought it for my oldest daughter for Christmas and then we kind of all fought over who got to read it first. Since it was her book, she won that debate. Grace read it next and loved it. I finished it and I agree with both of them. It is a fun easy read.

Cheaper By the DozenThis is another fun easy read. Both of my girls read this book before I did and they loved it. They finally convinced me to read it and I loved it too. I can see why this book has been a popular one for years.

My Life In France– I love food and food books. This book, about Julia Child, is one of my top five food memoir type books.

Unbroken– This is a much more serious book than the others on the list, but it is one of my all time favorite books. This is real life that reads like a novel. It is one of those books that is hard to put down once you start it.

Shoe Dog– Business memoirs can be a little boring at times. This book, about building NIKE, is far from boring. It is a great summer read for those that love business and business memoir type books.


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