What I Read in April (Grace)

Teen Reads April

I finished nine books in April. Four of them were World War II books that were rough, but good. I was also in a western mood which allowed me to finish four western type books as well.

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Beating the College Debt Trap: This was an interesting book that educated me about college. I believe it is a must read for teenagers who are planning to go to college. It informs the reader about debt which I knew very little about.

Flyboys: This was a great history read. I loved this story and I also enjoy reading Bradley’s books especially Flags of Our Fathers. I really enjoyed reading about the amazing piolets of World War II. I also enjoyed learning a little bit more about George H. W. Bush. This is a very graphic book that may not be for everyone.

Rouge River Feud: This was a good western type book. It was a good Zane Gray that was worth reading. It has a country setting which makes it good and rustic. I loved the love story that was included in the book which made it even a more relaxing read.

30,000 on the Hoof: This was not a great Zane Grey. It had some historical inaccuracy and it had some weird things that occurred in it. It seemed a bit unconnected in some parts of the story especially since it tended to skip years with in the story. This was definitely not one of my top Zane Gray.

The Zookeeper’s Wife: I really enjoyed this book. It was a good follow up after I read Irene’s Children last month. The stories were somewhat connected which allowed me to fill in some of the gaps in this book. It did not go into as much detail like many other World War II books, but it is a really good read for teens and adults who love to read about World War II.

Horse Heaven Hill: This was an okay Zane Gray. It had a fun love story and good characters. I loved reading about the wild horses though. I believe the horses made the story a lot better.

Brothers in Battle, Best of Friends: I really liked this book. This book is about two of the men who became friends during the World War II and they were both paratroopers during World War II. This is another rough book, but is definitely worth reading especially if you have already read Band of Brothers which is anther good World War II story about the paratroopers.

Long Time Gone: I read the first book in this series last month, No Way Up. I definitely liked the first book better, but this one was an okay love story. It seemed more romantic and had less excitement to me which is partly why I liked the other book better. It was a good quick read for when I was not in the mood for reading the World War II story I had going at the time.

No Ordinary Joes: This was a very interesting book. It was extremely rough and is not for everyone. It is definitely more of an adult or later teen book. The four main men in this book were all able to with stand amazing circumstances. There stories are all worth learning about. I found it interesting to learn more about submarines and the Japanese prison of war camps.

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