My Son’s Favorite Book Series

Book Series for Boys

Finding books for boys can be difficult. My girls went through stages where finding books was a little more difficult, but finding books for boys, especially after the age of ten or so, can be very challenging. You want to keep their interest, but you want it to be clean and age appropriate.

I love talking books with my kids, so I asked my fifteen year old son what his favorite book series as a kid were. I loved hearing what books he shared. Some I knew would make the list, but others surprised me.

Hank the Cowdog

All my kids loved these books. My daughter and son both developed a love of reading with these books. They were the first books that I remember my son not being able to put down. He would often stay up late to finish a Hank book. My kids first started reading the Hank books around the age of eight and when a new one comes out they are still known to read them. I would say these are good for ages 8-12, but older kids will probably still enjoy them.


We first heard about Tintin books from a friend and my son instantly loved them. The adventures of Tintin entertained him for hours. This was another series I often found him staying up late to read.

Gary Paulson

We were first introduced to Gary Paulson through our homeschool curriculum when they recommended the book Hatchet. My son loved Hatchet so much that he has now read almost every book Gary Paulson has written. He said that a few of his books are a little odd, but overall he has loved almost everything he has read by Gary Paulson.

Truth Series

My son really enjoyed this series. It is kind of Christian science fiction with adventure and mystery mixed in. This series might not be for everyone, but my son loved them.

The Peleg Chronicles

This series is historical Christian fiction, although it is not always accurate or accurate to the time period. However, my both my son and daughter loved this series that is based on post flood time period. It contains stories of dinosaurs, dragons, and all kinds of animals you would think of when it comes to post flood animals.

The Hardy Boys

A book series list for boys doesn’t seem complete unless I put The Hardy Boys on it. These books have been around for years. I read many of them when I was a kid. My son has read almost every book in this series. In fact, thanks to picking up a bunch of them used and a box of them given to us by a friend, we have almost the entire series. We prefer the older books that were written before the 1980’s. The newer updated ones just aren’t the same. If your son loves mystery books, give The Hardy Boys a try.

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