What I Read In March (Grace)

Teen Reads March

I enjoyed completing eight books in March which is more than I finished in February. I read a lot of fiction books this month, but I did also finish two long World War II stories.  I do not consider listening to audiobooks to be reading, but I thought I would mention the audiobooks I finished listening to this month.

Irena’s Children: I loved this story. I was different in that the main character was a Communist from Poland who was very outspoken. Irena helped many Jews, many of who were children, escape from the Germans. I also found it interesting to learn about how the Russians and Germans treatment of the Polish. This is definitely a good World War II book that is worth reading.

No Way Up: This was a cheesy romance novel with a western setting. I enjoyed reading it and found it to be a fun, relaxing book.

Girl Waits with Gun: My mom told me that I needed to read this book because I would enjoy it. I read it at the beginning of this month and enjoyed it. It has so many twists and turns that made the story much more enjoyable. This is a good relaxing read that was not boring.

Lady Cop Makes Trouble: This is sequel to Girl waits With Gun. I found the story to be different from the first book, but it was still very good. It took a little while to get into, but then I had trouble putting it down.

I Could Never Be So Lucky Again: I absolutely loved this book. It will definitely make my top ten books for the year. I loved learning about so many different things in this book. General Doolittle did so many things during his life which helped advance airplanes and air warfare. He has an amazing story that is worth reading and he adds many personal and funny stories to his book which made it more encaptivating for me.

The Lone Star Ranger: I loved reading this western. This is my favorite Zane Grey that I have read so far. I could not put this book down once I finished the first few chapters. I love westerns and I especially loved this one for all the excitement and adventure it has in it.

Galloway: This is one of the later books in the Sackett series by Louis L’amour. I enjoyed rereading it this month since I had not read it for four years. I highly recommend all the Sackett books and most of Louis L’amour’s other books.

A Fall of Sparrows: I did not really like this book. The main character was a Confederate who ended up shooting men in his own army and the Unions army. He also has dreams about God, who tells the main character what he should do, which I did not like. I did think the story had a good point in that both sides of the Civil War did wrong and both sides were not just fighting about slavery.


Lando: This is another book from the Sackett series. I listened to most of this audiobook last month when we were rearranging our upstairs. I have already read this book and enjoyed listening to it. I enjoy listening to the unabridged version because I did not want to lose any of L’amour’s western touch.

The Skyliners: This is the prequel to L’amour’s book Galloway. I have already read this book, but it has been four years, so I really enjoyed listening to it. I enjoy all the excitement this story has to offer. I also love all the gun fighting, fist fights, and the love story which L’amour included in this story.

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