Five True Crime Books

Killers of the Flower Moon

It is no secret that we love nonfiction books. Books about history, war, memoirs, and biographies are some of our favorite books to read. But not all nonfiction reads the same.

Some nonfiction books are important and educational, but they read more like dry textbooks than fascinating stories. The best nonfiction books are the kind of nonfiction books that read like fiction.

Those kinds of books can be hard to find though. Turning real life into a story that reads like fiction is not an easy task. Few writers can accomplish it. It takes more than an interesting story to make a book. It takes writing that turns an interesting story into a story that comes to life and makes you feel part of the journey.

One of our favorite types of nonfiction books to read is true crime, but we like the page turning, I can’t believe this really happened, type of crime story.

If you love true crime stories or if you are looking for a nonfiction book that reads like fiction, here are some of our favorites.

True Crime Books

Above Suspicion

Above Suspicion reads like fiction. This is such a well written book, and I am now wanting to read more by this author. This story kept me reading and enjoying it. The story is one that is hard to believe that it is true. I am still in shook that this is nonfiction book.

Killers of the Flower Moon

Killers of the Flower Moon is well written and has a fascinating story that is almost so bizarre that it sounds like fiction. But it is true. I not only found it interesting to learn about the Osage Indians, but I also liked reading about the FBI back in those days and how they figured out this case. I highly recommend this book for history lovers and those who love good mystery books because this is one.

Catch Me if You Can

It was very hard for me to put this down once I started it. I laughed sometimes and was rather shocked at other times. It is unimaginable what Frank Abagnale got away with on his crime spree. Catch Me if You Can is a fascinating true crime story.


The authors of the book Convicted tell their life experiences and how those experiences changed them. It was very well written even though there were two story lines being told and the authors were able to connect the stories very well. It is amazing what faith and forgiveness can do.

The Cadaver King and the Country Dentist

I read The Cadaver King and the Country Dentist as part of my nonfiction book for every state challenge. It was an impulse purchase at Barnes and Noble, but I knew it would work perfectly for my Mississippi book. It was the perfect Mississippi book. This book was so fascinating, yet so sad. It is a story that is so hard to believe happened and yet it happened. Not only did it happen, it happened in recent history. This is not a long ago type of story. This is a “it happened in my generation” story.


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