Why I Am Not Challenging Myself to Read 100 Books In 2018

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My goal for 2017 was to read 100 books. I have always been a big reader, but I have never read 100 books in one year. At least not since I have been keeping track of what I read. I really wanted to hit 100 books at least once, so last year I made it my goal.

I also wanted to decrease the amount of time I spent on social media and watching t.v. I was doing too much mindless scrolling trough social media and t.v. channels. I knew setting my goal at 100 books would motivate me to pick up a book instead of my phone or t.v. remote.

I am glad to say that I hit my goal of 100 books! I even made it a couple over 100 books by finishing a few books the last week of the year.

Part way through the year my reading suffered and I didn’t think I would reach my goal, but during the fall and holidays my reading increased and I was able to make it to 100 books for the year. I am so glad I set this goal for 2017. It was just the challenge I needed and I can now say I have read 100 books in a year. I also know I spent less time on social media and less time watching t.v., so I consider that a win!

But…I am not setting my goal for 2018 at 100 books.

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I love reading non-fiction books. They are what I prefer to read and I have always read a lot of them. I read some fiction, but not a lot. 2017 was different though. My fiction reading far surpassed my non-fiction reading and I don’t really like that. When I was feeling pressed to meet my goal of 100 books, I would pick up fiction books instead of non-fiction books because I can read them quickly. They go by fast. Many non-fiction books are excellent to read, but they are slower reads.

I also know that many times I avoided longer books and picked up shorter books instead. When your goal is to read 100 books for the year, a 700 page book is not high on your list to read that year. I have several very long books still in my to read pile because I knew I could read two smaller books in the same amount of time to read that long one.

I don’t want to do that again. So my 2018 reading goal is around 100 books, but I am not setting it at exactly 100 like I did for 2017. If I can read somewhere between 75 and 100 books, I will be very happy. I will keep you updated with what I am reading with my monthly what I am reading posts.

Did you set a reading goal this year? I would love to hear what it is!

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