Reading List for 2017 {Lynn}

Books I Plan to Read This Year

I shared my goal of reading 100 books this year. I often set reading goals, but I don’t make myself do a reading challenge. I know a lot of people like reading challenges to force them to branch out and read new things. But I know myself and it don’t like to be forced to read something.

I also know that I already read a wide range of books. I don’t really feel the need to branch out at this point. Someday I might, but for now I think I read a good mix of non-fiction and fiction that includes a wide range of subjects.

Instead of doing specific reading challenges, I tend to make myself a list of books I hope to read. Often it is a bookshelf that I put the books on. Other times it is a list I write like the one I am sharing today.

I don’t stick hard and fast to this list though. I will read more books than this list. I also might not get to all the books on this list. Some years I read about half of my to read pile and other years I read more. Hopefully I will get most of these read by the end of 2017.

Here are 23 of the books I hope to read. I will add other books into the mix and I will be sharing my progress weekly on Sunday evenings.

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