The Kitchen Counter Cooking School ( Backlist Book Pick)

The Kitchen Counter Cooking School

It is time for another backlist book pick. This is where we feature older books, the books that are not the new releases that everyone is talking about. 

With all the new book releases each week older books often get forgotten about. We want to change that with backlist books. 

This week for backlist books we are changing up the subject a little bit. We are talking about food!

I think I first heard about the book The Kitchen Counter Cooking School from my friend Jessica from Good Cheap Eats. She loves this book and has talked about it for years. 

Since I love reading and cooking, and I trust Jessica’s book recommendations, I knew that it was a book that I needed to read. 

 And I loved The Kitchen Counter Cooking School book. It is part memoir, part cooking how to, and part cookbook. 

It shares the authors story and journey with food and cooking, but it also includes some recipes. 

The Kitchen Counter Cooking School

The Kitchen Counter Cooking School was published back in 2012. I have seen this book quite a bit in the food blogging world, but I don’t think a lot of book people have heard about it or read it. 

If you love cooking or want to learn to love cooking, I highly recommend this book.

This book is for those that love to cook and also for those that want to learn how to cook. It is the story of learning to cook, but also a story about food in general.

Cooking is not hard, but it can often be intimidating. This book shares the journey of learning to cook and learning about food. Real food that doesn’t come from a box or can.

This would be a great book for a teen or young adult that wants to learn more about food and cooking. But it would also be a great book for anyone that loves food. If you love food and cooking I think that you will enjoy The Kitchen Counter Cooking School

One note about the book though. There is one chapter in this book that I did not love. It was not necessary to the book and I felt it kind of took away from the book. It was the Class Break Chapter. I plan to have my girls read this book, but I will probably have them totally skip that chapter. Whenever I recommend this book I always say just skip the Class Break Chapter. Besides that I loved the book and highly recommend it. 

Have you read this book? 

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