A Small Book About A Big Problem ( Sunday Reading )

A Small Book About A Big Problem by Edward Welch

This week for Sunday we picked the book, A Small Book About A Big Problem: Meditations on Anger, Patience, and Peace

This book is a little different because it is written as a fifty day devotional book. The days are not dated. It is just Day 1, Day 2, etc. You can start this book at anytime. You can read it everyday or you can pick it up here and there when you have time. 

A Small Book About A Big Problem is written by Edward Welch. The author is a biblical counselor and psychologist. I have read and enjoyed several of his books, which was why I picked up this book. 

I started reading A Small Book About A Big Problem towards the end of last year, and I just recently finished it. 

We all deal with anger in some way or another. In some people it may be more apparent. In others it might be well hidden below the surface. But if we are going to be honest, we all struggle with anger.

We get angry at family members and friends. We get angry at situations and things outside of our control. We get angry at ourselves. We get angry at big and little things. 

But anger is wrong. It is not a good quality or trait. Finding peace and contentment is all things is something that takes constant work. 

A Small Book About A Big Problem by Edward Welch

A Small Book About A Big Problem shares simple, practical tips for dealing with anger. It breaks it down daily with things to think about and work on. 

A few of the chapters are:

  • What Is Anger
  • The Many Faces of Anger
  • Ask Forgiveness
  • Real Strength and Power
  • Grumbling
  • If the Lord Wills
  • Bless You Enemy
  • Who Is My Neighbor 
  • And more

If you are wanting to change up your daily devotionals, this short fifty day reading plan book might be a great fit for you. Or if you are struggling with anger or being angry at a person or circumstance, it might be the right time to read this book. 

I also think A Small Book About a Big Problem, would be great for teens and newer Christians. It written in a practical how to way with short daily sections that would work well for teens or for a newer Christians. 

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