The Spanish Flu 1918 Podcast

Are you looking for some information about how past events relate to current events? What You Missed In History Class: The Spanish Flu is a great example of the past teaching about today. 

The Spanish Flu 1918 Stuff You Missed In History Class

Reading about a pandemic right not is not something I care to do. Grace recently read Pale Rider which about The Spanish Flu and the history of the flu.  She enjoyed the book, but admitted that it might not have been the best time to read it.

I agree with her. Reading a several hundred page book about a pandemic is not really what I need right now. However, listening to a podcast is something that I can definitely do right now.

A podcast is short and condensed information that is perfect for learning without being overwhelmed.

One of the podcasts that I love and listen to often is Stuff You Missed In History Class. I have listened to quite a few of their episodes over the last couple of years. 

When I saw that they replayed an episode from 2014 on the Spanish Flu, I knew that I needed to listen to it. It was only thirty five minutes long, so I knew I could totally handle the information without being overwhelmed. 

The Spanish Flu 1918 Stuff You Missed In History Class

The Spanish Flu killed over 20 million people and infected over 500 million. There was no cure and no way to really treat it.

There were so many unknowns at this time. Many of the things we now know about the Spanish Flu were learned after the pandemic. 

We are currently living through historic times. There is so much about our current situation that is new. But there is also so much that has happened in past pandemics. 

What I loved about this episode of What You Missed In History Class is that it was a reminder that other generations have survived a similar thing. It was also a good reminder that much about a pandemic is learned after the pandemic is over. 

Much of the medical advice given during the Spanish Flu was not the best medical advice. You can’t have all the facts and information while you are living the event. 

The Spanish Flu 1918 Stuff You Missed In History Class

It was also a reminder that many things haven’t changed. Did you know that many areas required face coverings during the Spanish Flu? You couldn’t go out in public without your face covered. 

Did you also know that after the Spanish Flu was over there was a lot of debate on whether or not those face covering helped? 

I am not trying to say a face mask doesn’t work. But it does makes you think about the fact that there are so many unknowns when you are living through an event like the Spanish Flu or any other pandemic. 

One of the great things about knowing your history is that you can learn from it. It can also be an encouragement that we can get through this just like past generations have. 

If you want some basic facts about The Spanish Flu and how it relates to current events, I highly recommend What You Missed In History Class: The Flu of 1918.

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