Thomas Nelson The Seasons Edition

Thomas Nelson The Seasons Edition Books

Thomas Nelson Seasons Edition

The Seasons Edition books by Thomas Nelson are the first books that I have bought myself simply because I love how they look. 

Our house is full of books. We have them on bookshelves, on nightstands, on end tables, and more. We love books. But they are all books that we have read or that we want to read. They are there for the purpose of reading. 

Well, except for a few hardback classics that I have bought my daughters. That was a gift, and something they could display some day. However, I have never bought books for myself simply because I thought they were beautiful books that I wanted to display. 

But then I kept seeing the Seasons Edition books. They were just gorgeous and unique. 

Thomas Nelson Seasons

I have seen these books all over social media the last few months. Every time I see them I think about how beautiful they are. Social media often gives us the I wants, doesn’t it? Most of the time, I keep scrolling, but I would stop scrolling every time I saw these books. 

Recently I did some research into what they actually were. I found out that they were the Seasons Edition published by Thomas Nelson. Each season has four books. The books are set in the season of the collection they are in. Although in my house we are debating some of the choices for what books belong in each season. 

That did not matter. After looking at them for a while, I finally bought them, and they became the first books that I have bought just for looking at instead of actually reading them. 

2020 Made Me Do It

I am calling them my 2020 made me do it purchase. Also, I am calling them a birthday present for myself. 

This is not a purchase I would normally make, but we have been spending so much time at home. I love my house and being at home, but 2020 has me wanting to cozy up my home a little bit more. 

My décor is classic and simple. I will never be a fashion or home décor blogger. I decided beautiful limited edition books were the perfect addition to my home.

Thomas Nelson Seasons Edition Covers

Furthermore, my birthday is also next month. Anyone else have a birthday in December?

There are good and bad things about a December birthday, especially when it is the week of Christmas. Christmas birthdays often get lost in the holiday shuffle. So I am starting my birthday early by getting this as a birthday gift to myself. 

I think this will go down as a 2020 memory purchase. I also bought a fancy new dutch oven that I am also calling my purchase to remember 2020 by. 

Thomas Nelson Seasons Edition Winter Covers

The Winter Collection

The first four books were published in 2019. They were the winter collection. It included Little Women, Pride and Prejudice, A Tale of Two Cities, and Wuthering Heights.

Sadly, I could only get two of the winter collection books. I was able to get A Tale of Two Cities and Wuthering Heights. 

Pride and Prejudice and Little Women are almost impossible to find. If you can find them, they are crazy expensive. So, I was not able to get those. 

Thomas Nelson Seasons Editions

The Summer Collection

The summer collection came out in 2020. It includes The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Jane Eyre, Persuasion, and The Wonderland Collection. I own all four now. 

Thomas Nelson Seasons Edition Summer

I just love them!!! They will look great on display. 

Thomas Nelson Seasons Edition Summer Back Cover

Limited Edition

Each book is a limited edition. They are only printing 10,000 copies of each title. 

Beautiful Covers

The laser cut covers are so beautiful. 

Because of the delicate nature of the book, it comes with a plastic book cover. I think it is made to take off, but I am leaving them on for now. I want the books to stay nice and the cover will help with that. 

The four summer books each came with a bookmark that matches the cover. 

Thomas Nelson Seasons Edition Bookmark

I can’t wait to find a place in my house to display these. I think the two winter ones might end up on the mantel. 

Thomas Nelson Seasons Limited Edition

I already preordered the spring and fall ones. Terrible I know…but they will look so nice displayed on my desk and around the house. 

The spring edition that comes out in 2021 includes Emma, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and The Secret Garden

The fall edition that also comes out in 2021 includes Shakespeare in Autumn, Sense and Sensibility, Anne of Green Gables, and Dracula

Do you ever buy books just because you love how they look? What do you think of these books? 

2 thoughts on “Thomas Nelson The Seasons Edition”

  1. Those books are beautiful! I’ve not bought books simply because the cover is beautiful but have bought most of my classics in the Barnes & Noble Classics paperback editions. Lined up on the shelf together they are a pleasing rainbow of literary goodness.

    • I have given a few of the Barnes and Noble Classics to my kids as gifts and they are nice! I can see how they would make a nice display when all lined up.


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