Nonfiction November 2020

List of books I read for Nonfiction November 2020

My nonfiction November 2020 challenge was great for my reading life. I ended up reading several of the books on my TBR for November, plus a few more that have been in my TBR for a while.

I will probably read some fun lighter fiction in December, but a nonfiction challenge was just what I needed to get my 2020 reading back on track.

It is the last day of November so I am sharing the list of nonfiction books that I finished, plus a couple that I didn’t quite get finished this month.

Nonfiction November 2020 book

The Matriacrch by Susan Page

The Matriarch might seem like an unusual book to read right now because most of us are tired of politics, but this actually ended up being a great read for November for me. I love reading books about the President’s families, even if I don’t always agree with them, because the families of politicians sacrifice so much for our country. One of the reasons that I enjoyed this was that it was a reminder that not much has changed in politics. We think they have, but they haven’t.

She Come By It Natural by Sarah Smarsh

She Come By It Natural is a book about Dolly Parton and the Women Who Lived Her Songs. This book is getting great reviews both on Amazon and by book bloggers and influencers, but I have mixed thoughts on this one. I will share more in a full review soon.

My Reading Life by Pat Conroy

My Reading Life was a book about books and how they impacted the author’s life and writing. He shared the books that inspired him along with the people that helped influence him. It was an essay style read that was easy to pick up and put down.

The Characters of Christmas by Daniel Darling

My family gave me a really hard time reading a Christmas book during the first week of November, but I am so glad that I read The Characters of Christmas. It was the perfect book for me to read in 2020 to prepare for the Christmas season.

Memorial Drive by Natasha Trethewey 

I am glad that I read Memorial Drive, but it wasn’t quite what I was expecting. I have seen this on quite a few best books of 2020 lists and although I liked it, I am not sure I agree with it being one of the best books of 2020. I think it is the style of writing that I didn’t like about this book. The author has a fascinating story, but she is a poet, and you could tell that in her writing. I prefer memoirs that are more narrative nonfiction and that wasn’t this book. If you enjoy memoirs, though, you will probably like this one.

The Answer Is by Alex Trebeck

The Answer Is was an impulse Kindle buy for me. I don’t usually pay full price for a Kindle book, but after Alex Trebeck died, I decided that I really wanted to read this. I enjoyed the book. The chapters were short. They were more like individual short stories about his life. It was interesting to learn about Alex Trebeck and Jeopardy. It would be a great book for Jeopardy fans.

Q’s Legacy by Helene Hanff

Q’s Legacy is the follow up book to 84, Charing Cross Road and Duchess of Bloomsbury Street. This book was a good read to follow up the other two. However, 84, Charing Cross Road is my favorite of the three. These three books would be a great gift for anyone who loves books about books and books about writing.

The Best Cook In the World by Rick Bragg

I really wanted to finish The Best Cook In the World this month but didn’t quite get it done. This book is over 500 pages. I am over half way through it, and I know that I won’t get it finished today. This book is part memoir and part cookbook. It is the story of Rick Bragg’s family told through food and cooking. I am really enjoying it, but it is a long book that is taking me a while to get through. I will have to add it to my pile to finish in December.

Adorning the Dark by Andrew Peterson

I am reading Adorning the Dark on my Kindle. It is another one that I am over half way through but didn’t quite get done for November. If you love books about writing, this is a good one!

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