What I Have Been Reading (Lynn)

December Reading 2020 Book Stack

November was a great nonfiction reading month for me, and now I think, December is going to be full of cozy comfort reads.

That is what I love about reading. My reading changes as life changes. Some months are great reading months, and some are not. Some months are full of fun reads, and other months are more focused on nonfiction. Most months include some of both.

The last few weeks have included a couple of nonfiction books, but I keep finding myself picking up my lighter fiction reads instead.

December 2020 Reads

This list contains a few books that I read and a couple that I am currently reading.

  • I am currently reading Jane and the Twelve Days of Christmas. I am almost done with it and am really enjoying it. The setting, with Jane Austen as the sleuth, is a little odd, but it has been a great cozy mystery. I love cozy mysteries, and this is a fun one. I will be adding more books in this series to my reading list.
  • I am over halfway through The Year in Peril: America in 1942. This book will probably be my favorite book of 2020. I already bought a copy to give as a Christmas gift. It is a fascinating nonfiction read. I plan to do a full review of this book, but I think this is a very important book for people to read right now. It is easy for us to think that 2020 is one of the worst years in history or at least in U.S. history. It isn’t. I can’t believe all the things that 1942 and 2020 have in common. We like to think that things are so much worst today, but they are not. There have been many horrible times in history. 2020 was rough, but so was 1942 and 1918, and many other times. The author says he researched this book for ten years, but I can’t think of a better year to release it in than 2020.
  • The Golden Road by L.M. Montgomery was one of my recent cozy reads. I have read the Anne of Green Gables books multiple times. I also read The Blue Castle earlier this year and love it. I enjoyed The Golden Road. It isn’t my favorite L.M. Montgomery books, but it was an easy read that I finished in a day.
  • The problem with reading multiple books at a time is that sometimes it takes a while to finish books. It took me over a month to finish The Best Cook In the World. It is part food memoir and part cookbook. It doesn’t contain a lot of recipes, but it does have a few. I really enjoyed this book, but it is over 500 pages, so it is not a quick read. It is written in essay style, though, so it is easy to pick up and down.
  • I also finished The Vanishing Man, which is a book in my favorite cozy mystery series. I love this series. I have had the two latest books in the series for a while , and I finally picked one up to read. I read it in less than two days. The next one in the series, The Last Passenger, is in my December reading stack.
  • I also finished Adorning the Dark by Andrew Peterson. I bought this for my daughter last year, and I finally picked it up to read. To me, this book was part autobiography and part tips for creative people. But it was also so much more. I really enjoyed this one. It would make a great gift for anyone who loves to write or is creative.

What have you been reading?

4 thoughts on “What I Have Been Reading (Lynn)”

  1. Jane and the 12 Days of Christmas sounds super fun. I always forget about cozy mysteries and how comforting they can be!

    I also recently finished watching Anne with an E and was contemplating rereading Anne and Emily books – I think your words above just convinced me it’ll be perfect for beginning 2021.

    I’ve been escaping into romance and fantasy, especially over the past month – here’s what my family and I have been reading

    • I have read all the Anne of Green Gables books, but have read only one of the Emily books and that was years ago. I need to add them to my TBR for 2021. I think we all need a lot of comfort reads right now and L.M. Montgomery is perfect for that.

  2. Your list sounds fun. I have a few of them on my to-read list like the Jane and the 12 Days of Christmas and the one by Andrew Peterson. I understand the need to have a month of all fiction or nonfiction. My last month was more nonfiction.

    • I really enjoyed both Jane and the 12 Days of Christmas and Andrew Peterson’s book. My kids have read Andrew Peterson’s kids books, so I really enjoyed this one about his life and writing. I hope you enjoy them!


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