What I Read in January (Grace)

Teen Reads January

I was able to get eleven books read in January. I felt like many of the books were kid’s books, which there were, but I did read a few educational books in the mix. I read a few kids books this month that I never read when I was younger. I also have two new books to add to my favorites list.

Books I Read in January: 

  1. Magnolia Story: I absolutely loved reading about Chip and Joanna Gaines life and experiences.
  2. Candy Bombers: This was a  fun educational kids book about a part of history that is not very well known.
  3. Green Ember: This book and the rest in the series were fun to read. This series reminded me of other series that I read when I was younger and need to review here on the site.
  4. Ember Falls: Second book in the Green Ember series
  5. The Black Star: The prequel to the Green Ember series
  6. Eighty-Dollar Champion: I liked this book because I was able to learn some interesting facts about horse jumping and its history.
  7. A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning: This was an interesting kid’s book that I read because I had bought it on sale. So, felt like I should read it and it turned out to be better than I thought.
  8. Hidden Figures: It was a fascinating read about NACA and NASA and black women who worked for both of these organizations.
  9. In the Heart of the Sea: I loved this book because I learned about whaling and about men who survived a disastrous situation.
  10. Mystery on Church Hill: This was a kids book from the Virginia Mysteries series that was fun and entertaining.
  11. Stepping Heavenward: I finished this the last day of January. I enjoyed learning some good spiritual lessons. While diary type books are not my favorite, I was still able to find this book enjoyable.

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