Books About Pearl Harbor

In honor of Pearl Harbor Day, we compiled a list of books about Pearl Harbor.

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December 7th changed the United States and WWII. So many lives were forever changed when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.

That day in December changed the course of WWII. It is a day that Americans will never forget.

The attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, is a day we should strive to learn more about because we must never forget those who gave their lives on that fateful day.

Reading nonfiction and fiction books is a great way to learn more about those who were living and serving in Hawaii at the time of the attack.

Our list of books is far from all the books written about Pear Harbor. This list, however, contains books we have read and found helpful in learning more about December 7, 1941.

Books About Pearl Harbor

We hope this list of fiction and nonfiction books helps you learn more about WWII and the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Nonfiction Books About Pearl Harbor

The Other Side of Infamy

The Other Side Of Infamy by Jim Downing. This is a memoir of Pearl Harbor. Jim Downing shares his story of his time in the Navy, which included fighting and surviving Pearl Harbor.

All the Gallant Men

All The Gallant Men by Donald Stratton. Donald Stratton, a survivor of the USS Arizona, shares his eye witness account of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Grace read and really enjoyed this one.

Ghosts of Honolulu book review

Ghosts of Honolulu by Mark Harmon and Leon Carroll Jr. This was an impulse buy at Costco recently. I am currently reading it and am almost done with it, so I went ahead and added it to the list. I am enjoying it.

It is about a Japanese Spy and an American Spy who is Japanese. It is about the time leading up to and during Pearl Harbor.

Descent into Darkness

Descent Into Darkness by Edward Raymer. This book is a little different because it is a memoir by a Navy salvage diver from Pearl Harbor. He shares how trying to save crew members from sinking ships was like.

Facing the Mountain

Facing The Mountain by Daniel James Brown. I have talked quite a bit about this book since reading it. It is about more than Pearl Harbor, but much of what it covers are the days and months following Pearl Harbor for those who lived in Hawaii, so I knew it had to be on this list.

Fiction Books About Pearl Harbor

Red Sky Over Hawaii book

Red Sky Over Hawaii by Sara Ackerman. This book takes place in Hawaii during and after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. This was a well-written book about what it was like to be in Hawaii after Pearl Harbor.

The Lieutenant's Nurse book review

The Lieutenant’s Nurse by Sara Ackerman. This was a recent read for me, and I enjoyed it. Eva, a nurse, is trying to escape her problems and enlists in the Army Corps. Little does she know that she is headed to an area that will forever change WWII.

This is another well-written historical fiction book about Pearl Harbor and those serving in Hawaii.

The Girls of Pearl Harbor book review

The Girls of Pearl Harbor by Soraya M. Lane. I am currently reading this one. I am almost done with it, so I decided to add it to the list. It is another excellent book about what life was like for those in the military serving in Hawaii during the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Do you have a book about Pearl Harbor to recommend.

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