Books Published In the 1980s

I had so much fun putting together my list of books published in the 1970s that I decided to put together a list of books published in the 1980s.

A stack of books and a list of books published in the 1980s.

Readers loved my last list, Books Published in the 1970s, as much as I did, so today I am sharing a list of books from the 1980s. I plan to keep sharing more lists like this of books published over the decades.

It is so much fun to take a look at what books were popular in the past.

These lists are a little bit different than our normal lists because they include some books that we have read and some books that we have not read.

The list is also a mix of bestsellers, books that were popular, and books that caught my attention because they are so well known. This month’s list even includes a few well known kids’ books.

I find it so interesting that books may not have necessarily been popular the year they were published but have gained in popularity over the years.

Popular Books Published In the 1980s

Catch Me If You Can

Books Published In 1980

A Light In the Attic book

Books Published In 1981

Books Published In 1982

The Queen's Gambit book

Books Published In 1983

Cold Sassy Tree book

Books Published In 1984

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

Books Published In 1985


Books Published In 1986

Books Published In 1987

7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Books Published In 1988

A Time To Kill book

Books Published In 1989

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