Eight Non-Fiction Summer Reads for Teens

Non Fiction Summer Reads

I have already written a teen summer guide for fiction, but I am more excited about this summer reading guide. I enjoy reading fiction, but I think I will always prefer non-fiction books.

I love to read great nonfiction books that show real life stories and that keep me captivated throughout the book. All of these books were amazing reads that are on the top of my favorite reads list.

The Zookeepers Wife: This is a good World War II story. It has many good points and stories about World War II. I also loved reading about the zoo and the zoologists of the time.

Kisses From Katie: This story is about an amazing woman who gave up everything to help children in Africa. This is a great encouraging and depressing reading, but is a must for those who love modern memoirs.

George Washington’s Secret Six: I love stories about spies and this story is about spies from the Revolution. I knew very little about the spies in the Revolution, but this book filled me in on what historians know or think is true fact. It is also a shorter history read which made it a good weekend read.

All Creatures Great and Small: I love animal books, so this was a definite read for me. I loved learning about veterinarians and there work. I liked all the exciting stories that are told in this book which is a great teen read.

Guerilla’s Wife: This is one of my top World War II reads. It gives insight into the life of a woman who survived the Japanese invasion and occupation of the Philippians. She has an amazing story that made me realize what she and others had to go through everyday just to survive.

Missing Believed Killed: I like this story about a Christian nurse who survived being kidnapped in the Congo during a revolution there. She over came much and has an amazing story worth reading.

Flash: I like animal stories and I believe most teens do too. This is a story about a donkey who was rescued by a family. The author discuss how Flash changed there lives and her views about life. It also has plenty of cute stories which I can relate to because I have donkeys too.

Girl Sleuth: This is a fun book about a piece of history I knew nothing about. I liked learning about one of my old favorite sleuths. I used to like Nancy Drew and this book reminded me about the old Nancy Drew I remember. I was fascinated to learn so much about her authors and her history since the thirties.

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