Five Fun Summer Fiction Reads for Teens

I really enjoy history books and such, but I also enjoy fiction especially on a nice warm summer day. I decided to share a few of my favorite summer reads.

I am going to do both a fiction and nonfiction teen summer reading list, so hopefully both nonfiction and fiction readers will find some new books to read.

Today I am starting with five fun fiction books. Later this week I will share my top choices for summer non-fiction reading.

Dear Mr. Knightly


And Then There Were None: This my top single Agatha Christie. It is very creepy, but good. It has plenty of twists and turns that surprised me, but make it a very good mystery. I wasn’t even able guess the real killer until the book told me who it was. That is always a sign of a good mystery book.

Dear Mr. Knightley: This book is a great romance that is predictable, but good. I love the story line and absolutely enjoyed it for a good relaxing read. It has some good points that are definitely worth learning about.

The Blue Castle: The author also wrote Anna of Green Gables which is definitely obvious from the writing style. This is another romance novel that has a great story line. I believe this is one of my favorite romance novels, but I have not read that many romance novels, so that may not be saying a lot.

Girl Waits with Gun: This is a historical fiction about the first lady cop. I liked the adventures that the main character was always getting into. It was a great fun read that did not take me long. I reading about the heroine and how she supposedly got her job as a female cop.

The Lone Star Ranger: This is my favorite Zane Grey. It has a great story line that kept me captivated. I love westerns and I believe that everyone should give at least one good western a try.

What books are you reading this summer?

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