What I Am Reading Weeks 21 and 22

Girl Slueth ebook

The last couple of weeks have been ebook reading type of weeks. Every book that I finished was an ebook. I am in the middle of several regular books right now, but haven’t finished any of them. The only ones I have finished have been ebooks.

I seem to go in phases where I read more ebooks than regular books. Then I go back to more regular books and less ebooks.

The last few weeks have involved some travel, both by air and car, and lots of doctors appointments. Ebooks have just been easier to take with me and read.

It has been a good chance though to read some of the ebooks that I have bought over the last year or so, but haven’t gotten to yet. I buy ebooks that sound interesting when I find them on sale for cheap, but I can never seem to get to them all. Does anyone else have that problem? Or is it just me? And I guess it is really a book problem, not just an ebook problem isn’t it… There is always more books in our to read piles than we have time to read.

Here is what I have finished in the last two few weeks. (This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for supporting this site)

An East End Murder– This is a short story, only in ebook form, written by one of my favorite mystery authors. This book made for a quick read when I was waiting at an airport. It was very short, much shorter than I thought it was going to be because the end of the book is actually an introduction to the next book in the series. I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t my favorite of the books that the author has written. I prefer the longer books where the story is more in depth. If you like this series though, it is a good read.

Sandpiper Cove– I would call this book an easy summer Christian romance type of read. I decided to read it while flying and it was a good mindless read for that.

With Love Wherever You Are– I absolutely loved this book and that actually surprised me a little bit. I saw some great reviews, but wasn’t sure about it because it is a novel and I am picky about my novels. This book though reads just like a real life story would. It doesn’t feel like you are reading a novel. I think much of that is the writing, but I also think it is because it is based on the author’s parents real life love story during WWII. It is a real story that has been turned into a novel. If you enjoy WWII books, this is a great one.

All Over But the Shoutin’ – This book is by Rick Bragg, who some of you might recognize from his columns in Southern Living Magazine. I read many of his Southern Living articles, but this is the first book I have read by him. It is his memoir of growing up in the south. It is real life stuff. Real life isn’t always glamorous or easy to read about, but it is real life. I grew up in Oregon, about as far from the south as you can get. I currently live in Oklahoma, which some people call the south, but it really isn’t. There are some things that Oklahoma and the south have in common. A love for okra, black eyed peas, saying y’all, and many other things, but we aren’t really the true south. Since I have never lived in the south, I love reading books that show others what living in the south is like. This book did just that and I can’t wait to read more by Rick Bragg.

Girl Slueth– This book will probably make my list of top ten books for the year. It is definitely in the top ten of the books that I have read so far this year. If you loved Nancy Drew as a kid this is a must read. This book is the story of how Nancy Drew came about, the authors that wrote the books, and how she has stood the test of time. It also gives you an interesting look at children’s book publishing in the early 1900’s.

That brings my total of books read so far in 2017 to forty one. That means I am doing pretty well when it comes to my goal of reading 100 books this year. You can see all the books I have read this year here. Books Read in 2017.

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