What I Read in May (Grace)

Teen Reads

I finished nine books in May. All but two of them were fiction. I guess I am getting into the fun summer reading mood. I found another book or two that might make my top reads of 2017 list. I am reading way too many good books this year, which means my list of favorites is going to be way too long by December.

Return to the Canadian West Series: I read all three books in this series at the beginning of this month: Where Courage Calls, Where Trust Lies, and Where Hope Prevails. These were cheesy romance novels that are nothing like the TV Show or Janette Oaks originally series. I just had to think of them as totally separate things. I enjoyed them for light fun reads that I doubt I will ever read again.

John Adams: I finally finished another presidential book. This was the second time I have started this book, but I finished it this time! It was very interesting. I learned quite a lot, which I am afraid I have already forgotten most of. If you have spare time to read an almost 700 page book, then I definitely recommend it. I also have some friends who listened to it on audio which might be a better idea for some people.

The Case of the Wandering Goats: I must admit that I still love Hank the Cowdog. It is a children’s series that I still read and buy when a new book comes out. I really enjoyed this one for a fun quick read that made me laugh several times.

The Mysterious Benedict Society: Many people keep recommending this series, so I finally read them when I was not in the mood to read anything else. I found them fun, but I am not totally a lover of this series. I did enjoy the fun characters and the mysterious plot and I am sure most kids would enjoy this first book in the series.

The ABC Murders: Here is another Agatha Christie book. I liked it very much and enjoyed reading as Hercule’s solved the complicated murder that I doubt very many people could solve. I recommend this book for any mystery lover as a great way to escape into Hercule’s world.

Girl Sleuth: This was one of my favorite books this month. It was fascinating and I really enjoyed learning about Nancy Drew and children’s books. I loved to read Nancy Drew as a kid and absolutely loved learning about the history behind her creation.

The Virginian: I love westerns, so after I watched an episode of the Virginian TV show, I wanted to know more about the characters. So like my normal self, I Googled it and found out that the TV show was based on a book. Then I learned that the book was the first stand alone western novel that inspired Zane Grey, Louis L’amour, and other western authors and I had to get it. I absolutely loved reading it even though it was a slow read. It had some slow and tedious sections, but other part were so captivating to me. I definitely recommend this book to any western lover or anyone interested in learning more about what the original western novel was like.

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