Nonfiction To Be Read List 2023

My reading goal is a little different for this year. In 2023 I made myself a list of books on my to be read list that I want to read in 2023.

stack of nonfiction books and a plant in the background

I like to occasionally set reading goals, but I do not like super strict reading challenges. I am a mood reader so I like to allow my self room to pick and choose books when I want.

In 2018 and 2019 my reading goal was to read a nonfiction book from every state. In 2021 my goal was to not read any new release books. I only read backlist books.

I loved both those challenges but in 2022 I was ready for a break from reading challenges. In 2022 I just read what I wanted and what I was in the mood for. Which honestly did not make for the best reading year for me.

As I was thinking about my 2023 reading I knew I wanted a reading goal or challenge, but I wanted to allow room for my mood reading. I also wanted to tackle my massive to be read stack. Or let’s be honest. I have to be read shelves to just stacks.

In 2022 I felt decision fatigue when it came to books. At times I was overwhelmed with the books on my shelf and on my Kindle. I would stand there for a long time just trying to find a book to read. I wasted so much time trying to decide what to read.

So for 2023 I went through my bookshelves and prioritized my to be read list. I am came up with seventeen nonfiction books and seventeen fiction books that I really wanted to read. I also came up with a stack of Christian books that I wanted to read this year.

Over all, I came up with about fifty books that I want to read. I usually read about one hundred books a year, so a list of fifty books should be easy to tackle.

By having fifty books in my to be read stack to choose from I can focus on that stack when I want something to read. But it also allows me plenty of space for picking up books that are not in my to be read stack, but that I really want to read.

I think doing it this way will give me a challenge without being too structured.

Normally we only share lists of books that we have read, but we are changing it up a little bit wth this list.

I thought it would be good to share a list of my priority to be read list for 2023 with you and I thought it would be helpful to have a list here for me to easily keep track of.

I made notes next to some of the books on my list if there was a specific reason it is on the list or if someone recommended it to me.

Today I am sharing my nonfiction list. Later this week I will share my fiction list as well and later this month I will share my stack of Christian books that I hope to read.

I hope that you enjoy seeing what is on my to be read list for 2023.

Nonfiction To Be Read List 2023

Update: I did a terrible job of actually making my nonfiction reading goals for 2023. I got so easily distracted this year. I read a lot of great nonfiction, but only three of them where on this list. The titles that I read are bolded. Click on them and it will take you to the full review.

four nonfiction books on a table
  • No Man’s Land: The Trailblazing Women Who Ran Britain’s Most Extraordinary Military Hospital During WWI by Wendy Moore – I have read a lot of book on WWII, but not as many on WWI, so I love picking up books about WWI.
  • Running with Sherman: How a Rescue Donkey Inspired a Rag-Tag Gang of Runners to Enter the Craziest Race In America by Christopher McDougall- I picked this book up on vacation thinking that I would read it right away, but never got around to it.
  • The Lost Pianos of Siberia by Sophy Roberts – I picked this up recently at a bookstore because I had never seen it before. It looks like an interesting WWII read.
  • The Pope At War: The Secret History of Pius XII, Mussolini, and Hitler – This is a recent release that looks like a good read. At over 600 I am going to have to be in the right mood to pick this one up.
stack of books on a table with two plants in the background
  • Behind the Beautiful Forevers: Life, Death, and Hope In a Mumbai Undercity by Katherine Boo – This is another one that I picked up at a bookstore, but never got around to reading.
  • A Sea Between Us: The True Story Of a Man Who Risked Everything For a Family and Freedom by Yosely Pereira and Billy Ivey
  • The Orchard Thief: A True Story of Beauty and Obsession by Susan Orlean – This is a true crime book that is on a lot of top true crime book lists.
  • Riverman: An American Odyssey by Ben McGrath – This came in my shelf subscription from The Bookshelf Thomasville early last year and I never got around to reading it.
  • Behind Nazi Lines: My Father’s Heroic Quest To Save 149 World War II POWS by Andrew Gerow Hodges Jr. and Denise George
  • River of Gods: Genius, Courage, and Betrayal in the Search for the Source of the Nile by Candace Millard
four nonfiction books
  • Spearhead: An American Tank Gunner, His Enemy, and a Collision of Lives in World War II by Adam Makos – I read an Adam Makos book last year and loved it. I knew that I wanted to read the rest of his books.
  • The Mosquito Bowl: A Game of Life and Death in World War II by Buzz Bissinger
  • In Hurricane’s Eye: The Genius of George Washington and the Victory at Yorktown by Nathaniel Philbrick – This has been in my tbr stack for a couple of years. I want to read it, but other books always get moved to the top of the stack.
  • The Bright and Blinding Sun: A World War II Story of Survival, Love, and Redemption by Marcus Brotherton
three nonfiction books on a leather chair in front of a bookshelf
  • Path By Lightning: The Life of Jim Thorpe by David Maraniss – A book about a famous Oklahoman is one I need to read. Read in April.
  • The House of Kennedy: The Kennedy’s America’s Royal Family by James Patterson and Cynthia Fagen – I read James Patterson’s memoir last year, but I have never read anything by him. I don’t think his fiction is my type of read, but I would like to give his nonfiction a try.
  • Walk In My Combat Boots by James Patterson and Matt Eversmann – Another James Patterson book that I hope to read.

What books are you looking forward to reading this year?

5 thoughts on “Nonfiction To Be Read List 2023”

  1. I haven’t read any of your non-fiction TBR books yet but I’ll look forward to any reviews you write about them.

    One of my goals this year is to venture outside of my usual US and European history. On my list are Robert K Massie’s trio of Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, and Nicholas & Alexandra.

  2. Thanks for sharing your TBR list. I added a few of yours to my ever-growing list. I’m looking forward to your other lists, as well. I have a list of books I’m hoping to read this year ~ different categories, my own sort of challenge. So far, I have enjoyed reading The Happiest Man on Earth by Eddie Jaku and These Strange Ashes by Elisabeth Elliot. As usual for me, I have several going. What a blessing that there are so many good books to read!

    • I agree it is a blessing to have so many good books to read! I read These Strange Ashes years ago. I love Elisabeth Elliot’s writing. Her books had a big impact on me in my teen and early adult years. I really enjoyed THe Happies Man on Earth too. It was a reminder that we take so much for granted.


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